Thursday Night Drags

Format is Head to Head Dual GS RACING

How It works

  • 4 person teams, with up to 3 additional racers for alternates
  • Participants can race on skis or a snowboard
  • Race venue is Elip
  • Skill levels from intermediate to expert are welcome
  • Cost is $330 per team and must be paid by Jan. 15, 2020
  • Racers must be at least 16 years old (age as of Jan. 9, 2020)

Week 1: Jan. 30, 2020 Qualifying

  • All racers on your team must come up and qualify
  • If someone absolutely cannot make it, we can qualify you on a later week, but you are not allowed to race for points that week. No qualifying after week 3
  • Race whoever you want that first night….one run on each course
  • Your best time will be used to seed you in subsequent weeks
  • Sandbaggers will be fined, ridiculed, and publicly humiliated. Cheating is lame.
  • Racing starts at 6:30 pm sharp, and we hope to be finished by 8 each night

Weeks 2 – 4: Feb. 6- 27, 2020 Head to Head Dual Drag racing

  • The team captain must submit the weekly team roster  (who is racing that night) by Tuesday at noon of the week of racing (i.e. Tuesday the 28th for racing Thursday the 30th). Roster should be emailed each week.
  • Last minute changes to a roster will be accepted at the discretion of the race organizer. There will be NO substitutions at the start
  • Racers will be paired and the “start sheet developed”
  • Racers will be paired by times. Each racer will get one timed run in each course
  • Racing starts at 6:30 pm sharp, and we hope to be finished by 8 each night
  • Feb 27  will be a make up week for Jan. 23, 2020


If for some reason we need to cancel we will try and do so by 4 pm on race day, but do reserve the right to cancel up until start time. Cancellations will not be made for poor weather or conditions unless it is deemed unsafe. Communications regarding changes or cancellations will be made through the MRST facebook page and an email sent to each team captain.

Individual Points

  •  Race winners are determined by fastest time, not by who crosses the finish line first
  • 2 points are awarded to the race winner, win both runs–you get 4 points
  • In the event of a tie, both racers will be awarded 2 points
  • A missed start is a forfeit of that race
  • A missed gate or interfering with your opponent is an automatic DQ for that race
  • A fall and loss of both skis is a DQ for that race, however finishing on one ski is allowed. If a ski, or skis, come off in a fall, the racer is not allowed to put them back on to finish the run
  • If a racer falls with out loss of equipment and no missed gates, the racer may continue as long as it is in a timely manner
  • Each racers race points go toward the team totals

Team Points

It pays to finish!!!

  • 10 points to the team that has the fastest 4 racers completing both races
  • 9 points to the team that has the 2nd fastest 4 racers completing both races
  • Team points are awarded to the first ten teams with all 4 racers finishing both races

Total Points

  • Individual points + team points = Team score


  • All results will be posted as soon as possible
  • Individual times will be posted in the Chair 5 Pub one hour after each race day
  • Team totals and individual times will be posted to the MRST web site the next day

Additional Details

Every competitor MUST have a signed waiver. No waiver, no race, no exceptions. Team captains: this is your responsibility. Helmets are required. No exceptions. Any questions, concerns, etc. should be dealt with promptly by communicating with the MRST representative. There will be prizes and giveaways the last night of racing.

NEW: We will accept individual registrations and compile entries into teams of five. If we do not receive enough individual entries (or in multiples of five) to create a team, individuals will not be able to participate. Individual registration fee is $75. Email to register as an individual.


If you have to cancel prior to the 1st day of racing, a refund will be sent, less $100 for administrative fees. We do not guarantee all 5 weeks but will do everything possible to complete 5 weeks of racing.

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