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MRSEF 2019/2020 Volunteer Requirement

Volunteer support is critical to MRST to maintain a balance between quality programs and tuition costs. 33% of income comes from tuition. The remainder comes from our sponsors, race hosting, and special event fundraising.

MRSEF 2019/2020 Volunteer Program Outline

The MRSEF Board of Directors has outlined the following volunteer requirements:

Volunteer requirements are scaled based on the program type. In the event a family has multiple athletes enrolled in MRST the program with the greatest number of on-hill days defines the family volunteer requirements.

  • Ski Stars families are exempt from volunteer requirement but are encouraged to volunteer.
  • Intro YSL families are exempt from volunteer requirement but are encouraged to volunteer.
  • One Day YSL = 2 days of volunteering
  • 2 & 3 Day YSL, U14 Part Time, U16 Part Time = 3 days of volunteering
  • Full Time YSL, U14 Full Time, U16 Full Time, FIS Part Time = 4 days of volunteering

Families who are unable to meet the stated volunteer days will be invoiced after the last calendared race day at a rate of $100.00 per missed day.

Parents who live out of state where time and schedule to attend races at Mission Ridge can opt out at the program days of the athlete x $100.00. For example a FIS Full Time athlete with 4 Days of Volunteer requirement x $100.00 per day = $400.00.

Additional Volunteer Policy Details

  • Volunteer positions are based on a full day requirement on the hill or similar. To reduce the total number of volunteers required on any one race day, we will be consolidating positions on the race grid. Example of a consolidated position registration and bib collecting together on the same race day equals one volunteer day credit.
  • If Both Parents volunteer on the same course in separate roles the family receives 2 days of credit. Example one parent is a Start Referee the other a Gate Judge on the same day. This equals 2 volunteer days.   Example of what is not considered 2 days: Parents split a gate judge position with one parent doing the first run and the other parent the 2ndThis only counts as one volunteer day.
  • A proxy may be used to meet volunteer commitments. The proxy must clearly identify the person whom they are volunteering for in advance of the race, and be qualified for the role.
  • The volunteer position registered for is a preference not a guaranteed position. Based on volunteer ability and need the Chief of Race reserves the right to assign volunteers as needed.
  • The following positions carry additional volunteer credit towards meeting stated volunteer requirement.
    • Gate judge positions will be valued at the rate of 1.25 credit per day.
    • Those who participate in USSA certification training, (Alpine Official, Jury Advisor, Timing Officials will receive a 2 day volunteer credit.
  • Volunteer’s name(s) need to be on lists managed by the event coordinator in order to receive credit for time volunteered. Final lists from the event coordinator are provided to the Board of Directors for consolidation and tracking. This tracking document is used for confirmation of commitment.
  • Volunteers are expected to be participating in their volunteer role for the duration of the race day. Based on observation and assigned volunteer role if it is noted by either Chief of Race or Chief of Course that volunteers are not present or available, credit for that day may be omitted from the total volunteer days served. Email will be sent to the volunteer should this happen. Example: Volunteer signs up for course crew, is in the venue for the first run, but does not show up for 2ndIn the event a volunteer needs to leave due to unforeseen family need or emergency, the volunteer should make reasonable effort to notify either Chief or Race, Chief of Course or Race Administrator.
  • To provide the most effective race coverage possible, MRST may limit the number of MRST volunteer positions available at a given race or race day or event. This is to address the following needs:
    • Provide volunteers where and when they are needed most across the entire season of races we host.
    • Promote earlier sign up for preferred volunteer positions.
  • The MRSEF Board of Directors does recognize that there may be special circumstances or considerations on why the volunteer days commitment may not be met by an individual family. Request for variance need to be made in writing to the MRSEF Board of Directors prior to April 1stVariance requests will be reviewed and responded to on a case by case basis.
  • If due to Force Majeure MRST is unable to host a previously schedule event the total volunteer requirement does not reduce as we are slated to host 18 days of on-hill events during the season. Should multiple events be cancelled the BOD will evaluate re-scaling the commitment requirement.
  • In the case where an event is cancelled the day of the event, members who were present at the ski area/venue(s) when the time the event was cancelled will receive credit for that day.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents are accountable for awareness to the posted race/event schedules.
  • Variance request based on not being aware of opportunities will not be approved.
  • In instances were an MRST coach or staff member may have an athlete participating in of the one on-hill programs the specific on-hill support days’ requirements are waived.
  • Parents are responsible for advance volunteer registration. Parents looking to register for a volunteer position the morning of the race may find volunteer positions are not available based on positions already filled by MRST volunteer or those visiting from other race programs.

2019/2020 On Hill Volunteer Opportunities

  • Western Region U16 RPS
  • Apple Cup
  • Hampton Cup
  • Squirrel Cup

8 Days of Racing

MRSEF Accounts Receivable Policy:

Effective October 1, 2015 the following business practices apply as it relates to late and or unpaid invoices owed MRSEF:

  • Unpaid invoiced expenses that are later than 45 days beyond the original invoice date will incur a $25.00 incident fee and 1% per month interest charge on the unpaid balance.
  • Budgeted tuition payment plans are exempt from both the $25.00 incident fee as well as the interest charge provided the tuition balance is paid in full prior to January 31st. Unpaid tuition after January 31st will result in the athlete being ineligible to participate in training or coaching supported activities until tuition is paid in full.
  • Unpaid balances for non-tuition items which exceed $500 and have aged beyond 45 days from the date of the original invoice shall be charged against the credit card on file with MRST.
  • Unpaid balances of non-tuition items which exceed $500 and have aged beyond 45 days will result in removal of the effected athlete from eligibility to attend races with MRST coaching staff support.
  • Unpaid balances from the previous year are to be paid in full prior to an athlete being eligible to participate in the current season. While registration may occur, participation in on and off-hill activities may not take place without approved exception made on the part of the MRSEF Board of Directors. In order for exception to occur an agreed upon payment plan must be in place.
  • MRSEF funded Scholarship and Grant monies may only be used for the current season. These funds may not be used for carry over expenses.

MRSEF Refund Policy

Refunds are made at the sole discretion of the MRSEF Board of Directors. While consideration will be made to special or unique situations that arise, refunds due to injury are not eligible for refund. This is a policy change from the previous year resulting from the number of requests received and impact of tuition refunds against the fixed cost basis of MRSEF coaching expense. Staffing levels depend directly from the number of athletes at the start of the season, and may not be reduced mid-season due to injury.

In the case of approved refund, the amount shall be calculated on the basis of the stated program tuition fee paid by the athlete divided by the total calendar days schedule to determine the effective daily rate. The refund will be determined by the number of program calendar days remaining in the season upon written notification to the MRSEF Board of Director times the effective daily rate less a non-refundable $75.00 administration and processing fee. Forest service fees and team uniform fees are not eligible for refund.

Fees owed MRSEF for athlete race related travels, lodging, coaching fees, are not eligible for refund.

Refunds for camps, race entry fees, loading, food & transportation where fees have been paid in advance through MRSEF and the athlete has notified the MRSEF Board of Directors prior to the event or departure date shall be eligible for refund minus cancellation fees, which may be applied by the hosting service provider or organization. In these cases, the athlete shall be solely responsible for contacting service providers and race administrators to obtain any refund.

Prior to issuing a refund credit to the athlete, any refund amounts will be first applied to any outstanding account balance the athlete may have with MRSEF.

Should an athlete or family determine they are unable to participate in the upcoming season due to unforeseen reasons, and have paid fees to MRSEF in advance, the family shall be granted a full refund minus the $75.00 administration and processing fee. This method can apply for non-injury or illness related reasons provided the request is made prior to the start of the selected program, as communicated in the program outline.

Request for refund based on amount of available terrain open at the Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort or other approved training venues shall not be considered unless conditions are such that ski area operations are no longer viable.

Right to exclude from admission

All MRSEF members when participating in any MRSEF activity must agree to conduct themselves according to MRSEF policies and the USSA Code of Conduct. All members must agree to compose themselves in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the MRSEF mission statement, and are responsible for their actions while attending or participating in all MRSEF activities. The Executive Director has the authority to reject any registration application, including an athlete’s request to renew registration, and may terminate any athlete’s participation in the program. In instances where athlete’s participation is terminated by the Executive Director any tuition or expense reimbursement shall be defined by the prevailing MRSEF Refund Policy.

While conformance to the entire USSA Code of Conduct is paramount, the following key principals are of specific note as it applies to this policy:

  • Members shall conduct themselves at all times and in all places as befits worthy representatives of the United States of America, the United States Olympic Committee, USSA, their region, division, state or club and in accordance with the best traditions of national and international competition.
  • Members shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behavior, consideration for the physical and emotional well-being of others, and courtesy and good manners.
  • No USSA member shall commit a criminal act.
  • No USSA member shall engage in any conduct that could be perceived as harassment based upon gender, age, race, religion or disability.
  • Members will avoid profane or abusive language and disruptive behavior. As further stated in the USSA Code of Conduct and supported by MRSEF: Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to restrict the individual freedom of a USSA member in matters not involving activities in which one could not be perceived as representing USSA. In choices of appearance, lifestyle, behavior and speech while not representing USSA or MRSEF, competitors shall have complete freedom, provided their statements and actions do not adversely affect the name and reputation of the USSA or MRSEF. However, in those events where one is representing or could be perceived as representing MRSEF, MRSEF demands that its members understand and agree to behave in a manner consistent with the best traditions of sportsmanship and USSA’s core values.
  • This policy shall apply to all MRSEF members, including athletes, parents, and family members.



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