Ski Stars & Youth Ski League Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ski Stars?

Ski Stars is an 8 week all mountain program for kids ages 5 – 10 years old with a taste of racing added in. Our Ski Stars groups are small and are led by hand-picked, highly trained coaches and instructors. A lot of special care and thought goes into each Ski Star group and we truly care about each child’s improvement and on mountain safety. The Ski Stars have one fun race on the last day of their session.

What is YSL?

YSL (Youth Ski League): Is a season-long program for 6 – 11 year olds with the option to ski either 1 day a week (Intro to YSL or Part-Time programs) or the option of 3 to 4 days a week (Full-Time program or Full Time PLUS programs). YSL athletes have the option to race in four (4) Local races with a duel GS/ Parents day race at the end of the season, followed by an Easter egg hunt and fun! YSL has small groups coached by hand-picked and highly trained coaches/instructors. The athletes ski the WHOLE mountain (off-piste, powder & groomers), they learn proper skiing technique, how to run gates and the rules of racing. Safety is our number one priority! A lot of special care and thought goes into organizing and running YSL!

Why Choose MRST?

As your child moves through the Mission Ridge Ski Team programs they will become some of the best skiers on the mountain! While working towards their goals they learn life skills that serve them well throughout their entire lives – our programs teach kids to be organized, accountable, efficient, responsible, goal oriented, leaders and they learn the power of perseverance. While MRST is the most winning team in the Northwest Division and is one of the Top Teams in the Nation we do not push winning – it is just a side effect of what we do!

The MRST community is a strong community and is wonderful for the whole family! It is a great way to meet other like-minded families with similar interests, team families get to know each other quickly and gain lifelong friends! It’s not bad for finding new ski buddies too 🙂

Last but not least – skiing is one of the only sports that you can do with your entire family from the very young to the very old!

What is the daily schedule?

Ski Stars:

  • 9am – 11:30am Ski with your group
  • 11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch
  • 12:30pm – 2:30pm Ski with your group


  • 9am – 11:30am Ski with your group
  • 11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch
  • 12:30pm – 3pm Ski with your group

I don’t know which program is right for my child?

We are happy to discuss which program will be the right fit for your child. Once our coaches have a chance to see your child on skis if any program changes that need to be made it will be recommended to you. Contact Lindsay Davisson for questions: or cell # 509-421-2425.

Why do you all seem to be so excited and passionate about these programs?

We truly believe in these programs!!! We believe in what we are doing with MRST and want to get as many kids & families involved as possible. The kids learn to ski better, much faster and it’s enjoyable for the entire family! Ski Stars & YSL are also a great way for families with similar interests to meet other each other and create life-long friends. MRST promotes family values and life skills which is great for the whole family and skiing community!

I asked my child if they wanted to join the ski team and they said no!

This is the comment we hear by far the most! As parents, we all worry that we might make our kids do something that they won’t enjoy or think is fun. What you have to remember is that the unknown is scary even for adults! So many times if you ask a child or adult if they want to do something new or at least fairly new, they will reply no! It is our job as parents to help kids push themselves and in doing so they grow more confident and grow into more well-rounded individuals.

Remember your kids also say they don’t want to brush their teeth, go to the bathroom, eat their vegetables, go to school, do their homework or bath either. But those are all things that are good for them!

 You are helping you child learn something new and that in itself is a life skill.

It just so happens that they will get to become an awesome skier, learn life skills and will grow their confidence while they are at it. They are also having fun, enjoying their time with friends, laughing and smiling when they get to their program – they just have to get there. 🙂

If we have kids on the team do we have to volunteer to help with events?

There is NO volunteer commitment for Ski Stars families or for 1st year YSL families. Honestly, this is not something to dread! When you start helping out on the events and races you meet more wonderful families and build amazing relationships. Volunteering is a ton of fun but we want to make sure people have time to get things figured out first.

What is involved in volunteering once I get to that point?

First off MRST is a non-profit organization and 60% of tuition is covered by fundraising. So to keep tuition low we need volunteers to help with our fundraisers and the races we host. To fulfill the volunteer requirements as a family we need your help by completing two (2) On-­Hill event volunteer days and one (1) Off-­Hill fundraiser day.

We have volunteer jobs that accommodate non-skiers and the process is very streamlined. We have a volunteer coordinator so it is as easy as replying to an email! We also have people in place to help new families learn the ropes. It is a super fun experience! You meet lots of great families like yours while volunteering and everyone to gets to know each other.


We do our very best to make our programs as affordable as possible! Tuition is subsidized 60% by fundraising. The best way to look at price is to consider an investment in your children and family. You pay a little more and the returns are incredible. As your child moves through our programs the price goes up but the per-day cost goes down, way down.

We have hand selected coaches and they go through a ton of training, plus they have plenty of experience, the groups are small and we have lots of communication and organization in place. YOU SEE RESULTS!


Ski Stars – for Ski Stars your kids only need skis, boots, poles, helmet and warm winter clothes.

YSL – For YSL your child needs skis, boots, poles, helmet, warm winter clothes and when you get to the point of needing anything else we will help you get it. You can expand your equipment affordably as you move through the program. The coaches are happy to help guide families in the right direction. We have lots of families that are ready to move good used equipment on for affordable prices. Every fall Arlberg Sports holds a race night where you can get new race gear from the reps at largely discounted prices.


Races are all completely optional.  For Ski Stars we host a race for Ski Stars only on the last day of the program.  For YSL they have 4 optional races to attend.  Two at home and two at local areas.

Team Recreational Races

Ski Stars race date is Feb. 29, 2020.

Team Coat

The YSL & Ski Stars Teams both wear our Green Spyder Team Coat with MRST logos on it. They are NOT required to wear them, but most kids like to have them. From the coaches perspective the team jackets make it safer on the hill as it is easier to spot the kids. All the MRST coaches of all levels keep an eye on the kids green coats. Team jackets can be purchased when registering or at any time during the year for $165.

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