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FIS Team

A Racing Program for Athletes 16-20 Years Old

The Mission Ridge Ski Team has a top notch FIS Program. We have some of the best training conditions in the West and our highly skilled coaches take advantage of that every training session. Many high level racers have come through our FIS Team, including multiple World Cup, Nor Am, NCAA, and USCSA skiers.

Our success is attributed to our excellent relationship with the Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort, our surface, and our dedicated and knowledgeable coaches.

Racing and training are priorities at Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort. This allows us quality grooming, and the ability to close portions of our race run, Skookum, for SG, GS, or SL any day of the season. Mission Ridge is truly a ski racers mountain. The Ridge receives an average of 150″ of snow a year, enough for some great powder days through out the season with our cold dry snow, but not so much that we are battling soft training surfaces. Mission Ridge receives an average of 300 days of sun a year. Hard snow and sun make for ideal training conditions.

FIS Full Time and Post Graduate Program

The Full Time FIS and Post Graduate program is for serious fully committed athletes that want to reach their highest potential. Full Time athletes are managed year round and have access to conditioning programs and support. Athletes have ideal training schedules with up to 6 days of training per week that allow for proper rest and recovery.

Price: $4,000.00

FIS Part Time

This program is for athletes that are looking for more time on snow without missing as much school for training. Athletes train Thursday night, Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday, and Sunday.

Price: $3,225.00.

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