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Ryan Shorter

Executive Director & Head Coach

Ryan Shorter, is in his 10th year at the helm of MRST. During that time he has helped two athletes make the US Ski Team, has two athletes racing NCAA at CU, and has seen his athletes score top 10 Nor-am results, qualified multiple members for US Nationals, had athletes win NW Cup Titles and made MRST one of the top results producing clubs in the Northwest. Of course he has not done this alone and has one of the best staffs in ski racing.

Ryan has guest coached for the US Ski Teams World Cup Group, and the Women’s Development Team.

As an athlete Ryan competed in Nor-Ams, Super Series, US Nationals, and other major FIS events. In 2005 Ryan ended the Mid-Ams 3rd in the overall series standings, 2nd in GS, and 3rd in slalom. He was the number 1 ranked slalom skier in the Central Division of USSA (FIS points); He is also the 2002 Central Division GS Champion. Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Northern Michigan University and owns and operates the highly regarded, PV Alpine Ski Racing Camps which operate in Colorado and Oregon.



Roger Taggart

Head FIS Coach

Roger has over 20 years of coaching experience. Roger has helped multiple athletes reach high-level goals including; NW Cup Overall Champions, Individual Discipline Titles, NW Cup Team Titles, Junior Olympic Titles and Champions, National Podiums, West Team Members, NCAA and USCSA College Team Members as well as US Ski Team Members.  Roger is a USSA Level 400 Certified Coach, has his PSIA Level 3 certification and is a Certified USA Weight Lifting Coach.


Louis Otto

Head U14 Coach

Louis Otto is a national certified coach with the U.S. Ski Coaches Association. He has coached PNSA teams at Junior Olympic competitions and FIS races in the Western Region. He has also coached for the U.S. Ski Team’s National Development System at national camps and international competitions. Otto has been a member of the U.S. Ski Team staff for the Topolino races in Italy and the Whistler Cup in Canada. In addition, his athletes have qualified for the U.S. Ski Team, and medaled at U.S. Nationals and Nor-Ams.

Louis Otto’s Profile

Birth place: Everett, WA

First ski area you skied in your life: Stevens Pass, WA

World-class skier you followed the most while growing up: Jean Claude Killy as an athlete, Phil and Steve Mahre as a coach.

Biggest joy you get out of coaching on the MRST: Working with the athletes and seeing them grow up.

Favorite run at Mission Ridge: Groomed KaWham; off piste Microwave to Sugar Bowl.

Best memory from the winter: Skiing powder on a Friday where it was snowing so hard that your tracks filled in on the chair ride.

Most important life skills you teach on (and off) skis with the MRST: The ability to multi-task, travel, be responsible for your future success, and the ability to get things done.


Claudia Yamamoto

Coaches Education Director

Claudia Yamamoto has more than 30 years experience as a ski racing competitor and coach. In 2011, she was named the Pacific Northwest Ski Association’s coach of the year. She is a USSA Certified Coach, and a PSIA Level III Instructor. As a Member of the the PNSA Ski Team Claudia raced in Northwest Cups, U.S. Nationals, Can Ams, and the Elite Spring Series. She has coached at Alta, Utah, and at 49 Degrees North near Spokane. Claudia is a PSIA Full Certified Instructor, former PSIA-NW Divisional Clinic Leader and a former USSCA Level 1 Clinician. She has also coached at U.S. Ski Team, Western Region, and PNSA development camps.

Claudia Yamamoto’s Profile

Birth place: Seattle, WA

First ski area you skied in your life: Snoqualmie Pass or maybe White Pass or maybe Mount Rainier I was only 5, so I’ve kind of forgotten.

World-class skier you followed the most while growing up: Jean-Claude Killy, then Ingemar Stenmark and Phil and Steve Mahre, Annemarie Proell, Judy and Cathy Nagel World-class skier or skiers do you keep an eye on these days: All of them.

Biggest joy you get out of coaching on the MRST: When an athlete “gets it” and makes a positive change. And when they begin to believe in their abilities and you see a new level of confidence displayed. Soon you see them move up the results list because of all the positive changes in their skills and their confidence.

Favorite run at Mission Ridge: Chak Chak is a really fun groomed, let ‘er rip run. Anything ungroomed and steep on a powder day is awesome.

Most important life skills you teach on (and off) skis with the MRST: Poise and self confidence. These carry over into anything that we do in life. If the athletes can believe in their self worth and have the poise to handle both the good and the bad situations that arise, they will go far in any endeavor.


Alexandra Otto Shorter

Head Ski Star & YSL Coach

Alexandra Otto Shorter is the program’s head Youth Ski League (YSL) and Ski Stars coach. She ran the MRST J3 program from 2006-2011, transforming it from one of the lowest ranked PNSA division teams to one of the highest ranked. In 2011, five J3 athletes qualified for Western Region Junior Olympics, the most in MRST history. Shorter has been a guest coach for U.S. Men’s World Cup Team, Europa Cup Team and Development Team. She also co-directs the PV Alpine training camps at Mount Hood, Ore., and Vail, Colo. During her racing career, she twice made the PNSA Junior Olympic team and competed in FIS, Mid-Ams, Pontiac GMC Cup and pro skier cross races and events in the United States and Canada. Alex was the 2015 recipient of the PNSA Coach of The Year Award.

Alexandra Otto Shorter’s Profile

Birth place: Seattle, WA

First ski area you skied in your life: Stevens Pass, WA

World-class skier you followed the most while growing up: Alberto Tomba

Biggest joy you get out of coaching on the MRST: I love it all. All the athletes, coaches, families and Mission Ridge staff are family. What a wonderful community to be a part of.

Favorite run at Mission Ridge: ‘No Name’ on a powder day. Pretty much everything on a groomer day.

Most important life skills you teach on (and off) skis with the MRST: Our main focus is teaching life skills. The words the athletes and coaches are ingrained with throughout the program are ‘polite’ and ‘modest.’ I truly believe that you get much further in life by remembering these two words. Athletes learn how to work hard, manage their time, take instruction, and work as a team. Our goal is to develop the next generation of community leaders and it is just a nice side effect that they become the best all-around skiers out there.


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