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About MRST

Ski-Stars-StumpMRSEF is a non-profit organization (501.c.3) dedicated to providing high quality training and competition experience to skiers. We create athletes that are competitive at all levels of competition through high quality coaching, and premier training facilities. We strive to create an environment of healthy competition, sportsmanship and character development while still having fun. We believe that family support and participation is essential in achieving these goals.

A Little History

Established in 1967, has a long lustrous history. The club is recognized throughout the United States and Canada for developing athletes from the beginning level racer to the U.S. Ski Team . The program has prided itself in helping develop not only talented racers, but also quality citizens who continue to contribute to their local communities.

In 2006, we incorporated as the Mission Ridge Ski Education Foundation (MRSEF). As a non-profit (501.c.3), all donations are tax deductble.

Team Goals

Ski racing is all about having fun, learning new skills, and skiing fast. In skiing like any sport, to reach the highest level takes talent, dedication, a strong work ethic, parental support, team support, good equipment, and the desire to improve.

MRST is a program that provides all the coaching and technical support necessary to allow athletes to reach the highest level of the sport so that athletes have the chance to move onto the US Ski Team or to race in college. Obviously not all of our athletes will reach the college circuit or the national team but they are given every opportunity to succeed and reach their goals whatever they may be. At MRST we provide the structure for the realization of individual goals.

MRST Testimonials

“Skiing well gives kids a confidence which carries over into other aspects of their life. They learn to be both mentally and physically tough.”

“Mission Ridge Ski Team has established itself as one of the new economic engines for Mission Ridge and the Wenatchee Valley by bringing hundreds of athletes, coaches and families here.”

“With our athletes serving as “set-up and course crew” for the Washington State Winter Olympics hosted at Mission Ridge, they experience firsthand how they can have a direct impact on helping others achieve their own personal best. Each year I receive feedback from the Special Olympics organization on not only the skill of our athletes but the quality of people they are.”

“By going away to races, you learn self-help skills. You also are able to get out and start seeing the rest of the world and meeting different people in different walks of life. You get to know kids from other schools. The kids I met as a fourth-grader are still friends of mine today.”

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Contact Us

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Wenatchee, WA 98801

Phone: (509) 888-2372
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