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Terms of Service

2016/2017 Policy Statement

MRSEF Accounts Receivable Policy:

Effective October 1st 2015 the following business practices apply as it relates to late and or unpaid invoices owed MRSEF:

  • Unpaid invoiced expenses that are later than 45 days beyond the original invoice date will incur a $25.00 incident fee and 1% per month interest charge on the unpaid balance.
  • Budgeted tuition payment plans are exempt from both the $25.00 incident fee as well as the interest charge provided the tuition balance is paid in full prior to January 31st. Unpaid tuition after January 31st will result in the athlete being ineligible to participate in training or coaching supported activities until tuition is paid in full.
  • Unpaid balances for non-tuition items which exceed $500 and have aged beyond 45 days from the date of the original invoice shall be charged against the credit card on file with MRST.
  • Unpaid balances of non-tuition items which exceed $500 and have aged beyond 45 days will result in removal of the effected athlete from eligibility to attend races with MRST coaching staff support.
  • Unpaid balances from the previous year are to be paid in full prior to an athlete being eligible to participate in the current season. While registration may occur, participation in on and off-hill activities may not take place without approved exception made on the part of the MRSEF Board of Directors. In order for exception to occur an agreed upon payment plan must be in place.
  • MRSEF funded Scholarship and Grant monies may only be used for the current season. These funds may not be used for carry over expenses.


MRSEF Refund Policy 2016-­2017

Refunds are made at the sole discretion of the MRSEF Board of Directors. While consideration will be made to special or unique situations that arise, refunds for the following are specifically excluded from refund consideration.

  • Refund request due to in season injury
  • Refund request resulting from an athlete dismissed from MRSEF by the Executive
  • Fees owed MRSEF for athlete race related travels, lodging, coaching fees, are not eligible for

In the case of an approved refund the following method of calculation shall apply: A minimum of 1/3rd the stated program tuition fee signed up for by the athlete shall be considered not eligible for refund. By retaining this portion MRST ensures appropriate funding of our fixed cost for coaching staff who’s working with and on behalf of the athletes begins well before the athletes are on snow.

The remaining 2/3rds of the stated program tuition shall be eligible for refund based on the following method of calculation. The available tuition amount is to be divided by the total calendar days scheduled for the particular program to determine the effective daily rate. The refund will be determined by the number of program calendar days remaining in the season upon written notification to the MRSEF Board of Directors times the effective daily rate less a non-­‐refundable

$75.00 administration and processing fee. Refund amounts are specific to tuition expenses only. Any amounts due MRSEF resulting from team travel, lodging, meals, camps, equipment, supplies, race registration, incremental coaching expense and such are not eligible for refund. In the case where an athlete may have an outstanding balance from the above mentioned items, any refund amount shall be applied to this balance prior to a refund being sent to the athlete. In the case where the tuition refund does not cover the outstanding non-­‐tuition balance, the athlete is responsible for timely payment of any outstanding balance. In as much stated MRSEF Accounts Receivable polices shall apply.

NOTE: Should instance arise where an athlete who has received grant or scholarship monies and the monies applied to MRSEF tuition, and where the athlete is dismissed from MRSEF by the Executive Director, that portion of the grant or scholarship used based on the athlete prior to dismissal shall be paid back to MRSEF.

Request for refund based on amount of available terrain open at the Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort or other approved training venues shall not be considered unless conditions are such that ski area operations are no longer viable.                                         

In the case where a family may have opted out of the volunteer commitment program and paid the stated volunteer fee in advance, only that portion of the fee that was supported via volunteering at listed events shall be refunded. For example if 2 of 5 race support days were attended prior to notification, 40% of the volunteer fee would be available for refund.

MRSEF 2016/2017 Volunteer Requirement

As an organization we continue to focus on providing value to our membership while being conscious around increases in tuition.  For the 2016/2017 season our budget reflects 33% of income coming from tuition.  The majority of the balance (67% of the overall budget), comes from the generosity of our corporate sponsors and effective fund raising in the form of race hosting and off-hill projects.  In order to continue program success, we have a defined volunteer commitment program.

MRSEF 2016/2017 Volunteer Program Outline

For the 2016/2017 season the MRSEF Board of Directors has outlined the following volunteer requirements:

  • 5 Days of support for hosted on hill race events including scheduled set up days.
  • 1 Day of support for off hill fundraisers such as dinner auction, or golf tournament.
  • Member family including athlete participation in Ski-A-Thon.

2016/2017 Volunteer Policy Details

The following outline defines which programs/age groups are impacted by the 2016/2017 Volunteer Requirement:

  • Member families with an athlete registered in Youth Ski League through U14-U21 Alpine age groups are impacted by this guideline.
  • Families with more than one athlete are NOT subject to additional days.
  • Families whose only athlete is registered in Ski Stars or Freestyle are excluded from this obligation.
  • Volunteer’s name(s) need to be on lists managed by the event coordinator in order to receive credit for time volunteered.  Final lists from the event coordinator are provided to the Development Director & Board of Directors for consolidation and tracking.  This tracking document is used for confirmation of commitment.
  • Based on our projected race schedule for 2016/2017 MRST can expect to host dual venue events on the same day during the Buddy Werner Championships and Spring FIS Races.  During these events if one family member volunteers in one venue and a second family member volunteers in the second venue the effective days volunteered in this case is two.
  • Families who live outside the greater Wenatchee area may swap their “Off-Hill” event for an additional “On-Hill” event day for a total of six.  This is done in recognition of the time, distance and personal expense associated with travel to Wenatchee outside the core ski season.
  • Member families who by definition are obligated to the policy but do not meet the stated requirements of 5 On-Hill, One Off Hill, plus Ski-A-Thon participation, will be invoiced $500 at the conclusion of the ski race season in April.  There is provision for families who met part of the 5 day on hill obligation of $100.00 per day. Example a family that met 3 of 5 days, would be invoiced $200 for the remaining 2 days.
  • The MRSEF Board of Directors does recognize that there may be special circumstances or considerations on why the volunteer commitment may not be met by an individual family and a variance to the $500 end of season invoice approved.  Request for variance needs to be made in writing to the MRSEF Board of Directors prior to April 1st 2017.  Variance requests will be reviewed and responded to on a case by case basis.
  • If due to Force Majeure MRST is unable to host a previously schedule event the total volunteer requirement does not reduce as we are slated to host 17+ days of on-hill events during the season.  Should multiple events be cancelled the BOD will evaluate re-scaling the commitment requirement.
  • In the case where an event is cancelled the day of the event, members who were present at the ski area/venue(s) when the time the event was cancelled will receive credit for that day.
  • Proxies may be used to meet volunteer commitments provided the proxy clearly identifies the person from whom they are proxy for.

Volunteer Opt Out Policy

Member families who wish not to participate in the following may opt out at the time of athlete registration:

  • On Hill Event Support 5 Days
  • Off Hill Event Support 1 Day
  • Ski-A-Thon Participation

In doing so the member family agrees to pay $500 at the time of athlete registration.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents are accountable for awareness to the posted race/event schedules.
  • Variance request based on not being aware of opportunities will not be approved.
  • In instances were an MRST coach or staff member may have an athlete participating in of the one on-hill programs the specific on-hill support days’ requirements are waived.
  • Item support for annual dinner auction: Consistent with 2015/2016 we have reduced the recommended number of $50.00 or greater value items from 4 down to 3.  It is our hope that while reducing the number of items; we will continue to drive to higher valued items as we look to continue to grow the quality of this event.

2016/2017 Off Hill Volunteer Opportunities

  • MRSEF Dinner Auction
  • Orchard PTA Ski-Swap
  • Corey McDougal Golf Tournament

2016/2017 On Hill Volunteer Opportunities as of 29-Aug

  • Apple Cup
  • Eigenvector Cup (Buddy Werner Championships)
  • FIS Spring Race
  • Hampton Cup
  • NW Cup Race
  • Squirrel Cup Race

17 Total Days of Racing

Note: Hosted races will also include venue set up days typically one day.

Additional Opportunities

The following opportunities can be applied against volunteer commitment requirements:

  • Attendance at USSA Officials clinic:

o   TBD Redmond

o   TBD Spokane

  • Special projects as determined by the Development Director
  • Ski-A-Thon program manager.  Interested parties should contact   the Development Director for deliverables and commitment level required.

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