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For Mission Ridge, Bill Johnson was a keeper


Bill Johnson, former Mission Ridge Ski Academy athlete who won the gold medal in the downhill in stunning fashion at the 1984 Winter Olympics, died Jan. 21 at the age of 55.


By Steve Maher

WENATCHEE — He could be so brash and such a rebel that he became known as the bad boy of skiing, the rogue of the slopes.

That was the public image, at least.

But those who knew the iconic Bill Johnson at Mission Ridge recall another side of his personality that often got lost once he rose to fame with a series of victories in 1984 that were unprecedented for an American skier.
Johnson, who died Jan. 21 in the Portland area after several years of declining health due to a stroke, was a “puppy dog” beneath his cocky, determined, hard-to-get-along persona, they say.

BIllJohnsonPhoto2US Team

U.S. Ski Team members, including Bill Johnson at far left. (Photo provided by Claudia Yamamoto)

“Billy never forgot where he came from or who his friends were,” said Claudia Yamamoto, who helped coach Johnson when he was part of the Mission Ridge Ski Academy in 1978-79. “You could run into the guy 15 or 20 years later and he remembered who you were, gave a huge smile and hug, and acted like he’d seen you yesterday. For all his brashness, there was always a little guy looking for someone to care about him.”

His death at an assisted living facility at the age of 55 hit the Mission Ridge community hard. Tributes to the first American male to win an Olympic gold medal in downhill skiing poured into the Mission Ridge Ski Team office. The ski team has since renamed its longtime Hampton Cup races the Bill Johnson Memorial Hampton Cup.

“We did it out of respect for him and the impact he had on our sport and because he was an inspiration to all who knew him, especially those folks who were in the Academy here with him,” said Kari Johnson, development director of the Mission Ridge Ski Team and Mission Ridge Academy.

Mission Ridge, in turn, was good to Johnson. In fact, he may never have achieved stardom if not for the coaches and others who gave him a hand while he was in Wenatchee.

Johnson grew up racing at Bogus Basin, Idaho, and Mount Hood, Oregon. But he found himself in trouble with the law as a teen-ager in Portland after being caught stealing a car. He was given a choice: Attend a ski academy or head to jail. So he went off to Mission Ridge.

“Bill arrived at the Mission Ridge Ski Academy as a result of an agreement between myself and the judge,” said Dick Knowles, the head coach at the time who now lives in Haines, Ore. “Bill had few options at the time and his father was successful in convincing the judge that this was a good option for Bill due to the history of the academy and the rules that were in place for all athletes.”

Yamamoto said Johnson joined the team late that first season in Wenatchee. It wasn’t long, though, before he was turning heads.

Bruce Bendickson, a former Mission Ridge Ski Team member, recalls watching Johnson fly off a bump on the upper Skookum run during one of his first training sessions.

“He held a tuck the whole time, he was so determined,” Bendickson said. “He just sailed forever. And he held his position perfectly.”

Knowles said Johnson followed the ski academy’s training rules and was a good teammate. When off the slopes, he worked at a Big Boy restaurant for pocket money.

“During his time with the program, he performed well,” Knowles said. “There were no major problems with staff or other athletes. (He) was very helpful during this time and assisted the staff whenever he could.”

During those years, the Mission Ridge Ski Academy was chock full of good athletes, including several who would subsequently make the U.S. Ski Team. It wasn’t until Johnson’s second year racing for the Ridge that he began to hit the podium consistently.

“When he won the Northwest Cup series title at White Pass, it went down to the wire,” Yamamoto said. “And riding home in the van, holding that trophy up, he shouted to all of us, ‘This is just the start!’”

After two seasons at Mission Ridge, Johnson received a scholarship from the Lake Placid (N.Y.) Ski Team. From there he made the U.S. Ski Team and then in early 1984 he firmly established himself on the global scene with a victory in the Lauberhorn downhill at Wengen, Switzerland, in just his second year on the World Cup circuit. It was the first American men’s downhill World Cup win of the modern era.

The best was still to come. A month later, Johnson arrived at the Olympics in Sarajevo and quickly garnered headlines by predicting that he would win, ala Muhammad Ali. He came through, beating silver medalist Peter Mueller of Switzerland by 0.27 seconds. It was the first time an American man had won gold in Alpine skiing. He was just 23 years of age.

BillJohnsonPhoto1Thys, Johnson, Lauba

From left to right, U.S. Ski Team members Barry Thys, Bill Johnson and Alan Lauba in the early 1980s. (Photo provided by Claudia Yamamoto)

“What he did that day was amazing at the time,” said Bill Marolt, former president and CEO of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, in a statement after Johnson’s death. “In retrospect, it’s still amazing.”

“The youngster’s been cocky, he’s been calm, he’s been cool — and he has backed it all up right here,” ABC announcer Frank Gifford said in awe, moments after Johnson won at Sarajevo.

Asked what the victory meant as the cameras zoomed in later, Johnson remarked, “Millions. We’re talking millions.”

Looking back, Yamamoto said she wasn’t surprised Johnson won gold.

“He was a glider and the course at Sarajevo was a glider’s course, and he was determined,” she said. “He told everyone he was going to win. So he had to.”

It was a heady time for Johnson after that triumph. At a White House reception, President Ronald Reagan told him, “You gave your country thrills beyond description.” There also were endorsement deals, magazine covers and even a television movie about his life, “Going for the Gold: The Bill Johnson Story,” starring Anthony Edwards as Johnson.

But even in victory, Johnson didn’t always receive the admiration he felt he deserved. Bendickson recalls talking to him in Bend, Ore., the summer after the Olympics. All Johnson could talk about was how a mentor had never contacted him and congratulated him.

“I think there was a hole in his ego that could never be filled,” Bendickson said.

Johnson lived it up for awhile, buying a house in Malibu, Calif., along with a spendy Porsche. He also got married.

Johnson’s athletic life, however, would soon take a downward spiral. Over the next few seasons, he struggled with knee and back injuries and never regained the form he held in 1984. He attempted a comeback in 2001, at age 40, but crashed while training and was critically injured with brain injuries. It required him to learn how to walk, talk and eat again. Then in 2010, he suffered a stroke that left him confined to a nursing home.

In 2015, the Associated Press reported Johnson could not move his arms or legs anymore.

When he learned Johnson had died, Bendickson said he was saddened.

“He was such a bigger-than-life character you knew,” Bendickson said. “He took each one of us to our dream at the top of the podium and I think he now takes a little bit of all of us along with him in passing.”

“Bill served and will continue to serve as an inspiration to many of us that knew him,” said Klev Schoening, another former Mission Ridge racer who also was a member of the U.S. Ski Team. “Bill was the epitome of someone that sets his mind in stone to achieve something and then overcame every obstacle to make it happen. I will remember him for his pit bull determination and his laugh.”

When she learned of his death, Yamamoto cried.

Days later, she found herself reminiscing about Johnson’s good nature, recalling the time she saw him at Mount Hood in the late 1990s.

“I had not seen him for a long time, probably at least a decade, and I was in a lift line and someone poked me from behind. And I turn around and there he is. And he said, ‘I knew it was you Claudia by the way you were standing. I just kept watching and I knew it was you.’ If you had any kind of relationship with him, it was important to him.”

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MRST’s Davidson claims third NW Cup win of season

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN — Mission Ridge’s Brian Davidson completed a sweep Sunday of the two Northwest Cup men’s giant slaloms held here over the weekend.

That makes three individual Northwest Cup titles for Davidson so far this season. He also won the men’s slalom on Jan. 2 at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho.

Four other Mission Ridge Ski Team athletes finished in the top 20 of Sunday’s race.

Davidson had a combined time of 1 minute, 44.40 seconds. Taking the runner-up spot for the second consecutive day was Schweitzer Mountain’s Michael Estrella, who finished in 1:45.28. Mount Hood’s Nathan Gunesch was third in 1:45.95.

MRST’s Max Tobler was sixth, followed by Gunnar Lundteigen (eighth), Trevor Trimble (11th), Cade Quigley (16th) and Otto Vanderhoef (24th).

In the women’s giant slalom on Sunday, Crystal Mountain’s Katie Holm held off teammates Alexanderia Oseland and Tess Baldwin for the win.

Northwest Cup
Crystal Mountain
Men’s giant slalom

1. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:44.40
2. Michael Estrella, Schweitzer, 1:45.28
3. Nathan Gunesch, Mount Hood, 1:45.95
6. Max Tobler, MRST, 1:46.95
8. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 1:48.56
11. Trevor Trimble, MRST, 1:49.50
16. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:50.62
24. Otto Vanderhoef, MRST, 1:52.17

Women’s giant slalom
1. Katie Holm, Crystal Mountain, 1:48.13
2. Alexandria Oseland, Crystal Mountain, 1:48.53
3. Tess Baldwin, Crystal Mountain, 1:48.58

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Davidson wins NW Cup race at Crystal

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN — Mission Ridge Ski Team’s Brian Davidson built up more than a one-second lead after the first run of the Northwest Cup men’s giant slalom here on Saturday and held on for the victory over Schweitzer’s Michael Estrella.

Davidson finished with a combined time of 1 minute, 46.90 seconds to defeat Estrella, who was clocked in 1:47.35 and had the fastest second run on the day. Taking third was Trevor Maxwell of Schweitzer in 1:47.39.

Mission Ridge’s Max Tobler was fourth in 1:47.47, followed by teammates Gunnar Lundteigen in ninth (1:50.89), Cade Quigley in 15th (1:53.88) and Jeffrey Webb in 27th (1:56.73).

In the women’s Northwest Cup giant slalom, MRST’s Hannah Bodily was in second place after the first run but she didn’t finish her second run. A trio of Crystal Mountain racers — Tess Baldwin, Katie Holm and Alexandria Oseland — took the top three spots, respectively.

Northwest Cup racing continues Sunday with a men’s giant slalom and a women’s giant slalom.

Northwest Cup
Crystal Mountain
Men’s giant slalom

1. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:46.90
2. Michael Estrella, Schweitzer, 1:47.35
3. Trevor Maxwell, Schweitzer, 1:47.39
4. Max Tobler, MRST, 1:47.47
9. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 1:50.89
15. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:53.88
27. Jeffrey Webb, MRST, 1:56.73

Women’s giant slalom
1. Tess Baldwin, Crystal Mountain, 1:51.79
2. Katie Holm, Crystal Mountain, 1:54.69
3. Alexandria Oseland, Crystal Mountain, 1:55.61

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U16 athletes shine at Bill Johnson Hampton Cup

WENATCHEE — The Mission Ridge Ski Team’s U16 athletes left quite the mark at this weekend’s Bill Johnson Memorial Hampton Cup races on their home mountain.

On Saturday, Haille Johnson, Hailley Jones and Leah Blanchard claimed the top three spots, respectively, in the women’s U16 giant slalom, with Johnson winning by more than a second. On Sunday, Blanchard captured the U16 giant slalom by more two seconds over Jones, who was runner-up. Johnson was ninth on Sunday.

And in the men’s U16 giant slalom, MRST’s was fourth on Sunday (and 10th among all racers).

In other results from the Bill Johnson Memorial Hampton Cup, MRST U14 racer Koy Fruci was second in Sunday’s boys race, while teammate Riley Grosdidier finished seventh on Sunday and fifth on Saturday.

Mission Ridge U21 skiers won the overall titles on both days, with Hannah Bodily capturing the two women’s giant slaloms and teammates Brian Davidson and Gunnar Lundgteigen splitting the men’s races.

Ten ski teams from around the Northwest converged on Mission Ridge for the two-day event.

Town Toyota Bill Johnson Memorial Hampton Cup
Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort
Men’s giant slalom

1. Brian Davidson, U21, Mission Ridge Ski team, 2:15.22
2. Gunnar Lundteigen, U21, MRST, 2:18.72
3. Kristopher Westman, U16, Stevens Pass, 2:19.11
Other Mission Ridge finishers
17. Koy Fruci, U14, MRST, 2:31.03
29. Jackson Bolles, U16, MRST, 2:40.66
43. Jack Jorgensen, U14, MRST, 2:48.95
57. Rylan Ogle, U14, MRST, 3:03.02
59. Emerson Busse, U16, 3:18.18

U21 Division
1. Brian Davidson, MRST, 2:15.22
2. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 2:18.72

U19 Division
1. Maximillian Paek, Alpental Snoqualmie, 2:22.68
2. Michael Hayes, White Pass, 2:25.00
3. Tristan LeCuyer, Crystal Mountain, 2:25.12

U16 Division
1. Kristopher Westman, Stevens Pass, 2:19.11
2. Tyler Larson, Stevens Pass, 2:22.36
3. Johannes Liaboe, Spokane Ski Racing Association, 2:27.72
12. Jackson Bolles, MRST, 2:40.66
16. Emerson Busse, MRST, 3:18.18

U14 Division
1. Ryan Kershaw, White Pass, 2:30.10
2. Koy Fruci, MRST, 2:31.03
3. Lewis White, Crystal Mountain, 2:32.05
16. Jack Jorgensen, MRST, 2:48.95
30. Rylan Ogle, MRST, 3:03.02

Women’s giant slalom

1. Hannah Bodily, U21, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:18.59
2. Sydney Janssen, U19, Crystal Mountain, 2:26.42
3. Liliane Tansley, U19, Skykomish, 2:26.70
Other Mission Ridge finishers
4. Leah Blanchard, U16, MRST, 2:27.49
6. Hailley Jones, U16, MRST, 2:29.96
16. Riley Grosdidier, U14, MRST, 2:38.55
26. Haille Johnson, U16, MRST, 2:42.81
32. Annika Jarmin, U14, MRST, 2:46.34
53. Jacqueline Pickel, U16, MRST, 2:59.00
57. Charlotte Osgood, U14, MRST, 3:06.64

U21 Division
1. Hannah Bodily, MRST, 2:18.59

U19 Division
1. Sydney Janssen, Crystal Mountain, 2:26.42
2. Liliane Tansley, Skykomish, 2:26.70
3. Kira Lewis, Skykomish 2:28.43

U16 Division
1. Leah Blanchard, MRST, 2:27.49
2. Hailley Jones, MRST, 2:29.96
3. Josie Knight, White Pass, 2:34.26
9. Haille Johnson, MRST, 2:42.81
17. Jacqueline Pickel, MRST, 2:59.00

U14 Division
1. Evie Wright, Crystal Mountain, 2:30.43
2. Kate Jendrezak, Crystal Mountain, 2:30.48
3. Alli Moore, Crystal Mountain, 2:32.75
7. Riley Grosdidier, MRST, 2:38.55
15. Annika Jarmin, MRST, 2:46.34

Men’s giant slalom

1. Gunnar Lundteigen, U21, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:17.45
2. Brian Davidson, U21, MRST, 2:19.06
3. Price Sawyer, U16, White Pass, 2:20.05
Other Mission Ridge finishers
10. Oliver Day, U16, MRST, 2:26.87
42. Jack Mitchell, U14, MRST, 2:51.21
50. Rylan Ogle, U14, MRST, 3:03.94

U21 Division
1. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 2:17.45
2. Brian Davidson, MRST, 2:19.06

U19 Division
1. Maximillian Paek, Alpental Snoqualmie, 2:24.01
2. Andrew Folta, Stevens Pass, 2:26.24
3. Tristan LeCuyer, Crystal Mountain, 2:26.82

U16 Division
1. Price Sawyer, White Pass, 2:20.05
2. Kristopher Westman, Stevens Pass, 2:20.80
3. Tyler Larson, Stevens Pass, 2:22.99
4. Oliver Day, MRST, 2:26.87

U14 Division
1. Kim Theodore, Mount Bachelor, 2:26.05
2. Karl Beck, Alpental Snoqualmie, 2:27.49
3. Ryan Kershaw, White Pass, 2:28.46
17. Jack Mitchell, MRST, 2:51.21
25. Rylan Ogle, MRST, 3:03.94

Women’s giant slalom

1. Hannah Bodily, U21, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:21.99
2. Liliane Tansley, U19, Skykomish, 2:26.17
3. Kira Lewis, U19, Skykomish, 2:28.05
Other Mission Ridge finishers
5. Haille Johnson, U16, MRST, 2:30.44
6. Hailley Jones, U16, MRST, 2:31.94
7. Leah Blanchard, U16, MRST, 2:32.09
14. Riley Grosdidier, U14, MRST, 2:38.08
43. Jacqueline Pickel, U16, MRST, 2:59.75
48. Charlotte Osgood, U14, MRST, 3:03.80

U21 Division
1. Hannah Bodily, MRST, 2:21.99

U19 Division
1. Liliane Tansley, Skykomish, 2:26.17
2. Kira Lewis, Skykomish, 2:28.05
3. Caroline McCarthy, White Pass, 2:36.82

U16 Division
1. Haille Johnson, MRST, 2:30.44
2. Hailley Jones, MRST, 2:31.94
3. Leah Blanchard, MRST, 2:32.09
14. Jacqueline Pickel, MRST, 2:59.75

U14 Division
1. Anna Zaruby, Skykomish, 2:29.15
2. Kate Zendrezak, Crystal Mountain, 2:33.59
3. Alli Moore, Crystal Mountain, 2:33.80
5. Riley Grosdidier, MRST, 2:38.08
27. Charlotte Osgood, MRST, 3:03.80

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MRST’s Nelson eighth in WR super-G

SCHWEITZER, Idaho — Mission Ridge’s Preston Nelson had an impressive eighth-place finish Saturday in the men’s super-G at the Western Region Speed Series here.

A day earlier, Nelson was 19th in the men’s downhill.

Teammates Cade Quigley and Trevor Trimble also competed in the three-race, three-day event. Quigley was 38th and 60th in the two super-Gs and 46th in the downhill. Trimble finished 58th and 70th in the super-Gs and 70th in the downhill.

Western Region Speed Series
Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho
Men’s super-G

1. Alexander Birkner, Logan, Utah, 1:19.86
2. James Lebel, Truckee, Calif., 1:20.47
3. Collin Taylor, Canada, 1:20.84
38. Cade Quigley, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:24.12
58. Trevor Trimble, MRST, 1:26.22

Men’s super-G

1. James Lebel, Truckee, Calif., 1:22.21
2. Dominick Brazerol, Park City, Utah, 1:23.17
3. Justin Kelly, Canada, 1:23.23
8. Preston Nelson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:23.45
60. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:28.68
70. Trevor Trimble, MRST, 1:15.84

Men’s downhill

1. James Lebel, Truckee, Calif., 1:08.84
2. Collin Taylor, Canada, 1:09.44
3. Alexander Birkner, Logan, Utah, 1:09.59
19. Preston Nelson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:11.38
46. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:13.41
70. Trevor Trimble, MRST, 1:15.84

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MRST wraps up weekend of big finishes at Apple Cup

WENATCHEE — Mission Ridge Ski Team’s Owen Platt won his second overall giant slalom title Sunday, while Hadley Platt and Tatum Grosdidier finished second and third overall on the girls side to wrap up the annual Stemilt Apple Cup races at the Ridge.

Platt, a U10 Division (10 years and younger) racer, capped an impressive weekend with a combined time of 1 minute, 29.54 seconds on Sunday, after also winning on Saturday. Finishing second overall Sunday was U14 racer Aidan Catlin of Loup Loup in 1:30.71. Third was Stevan Abb, a U14 athlete from White Pass, in 1:31.82.

White Pass’ Taylor Watkins, U14, captured the girls giant slalom in 1:30.08. Hadley Platt, a U12 athlete, was runner-up in 1:30.34. Tatum Grosdidier, another U12 athlete, was third in 1:30.50, edging her sister, Riley Grosdidier, U14, who was fourth in 1:30.56.

Other MRST athletes hit the podium as well on Sunday, with Charlie Jorgensen winning the boys’ U12 giant slalom race and Ashton Fretwell fifth in the same event; Jack Mitchell and Jack Jorgensen third and fifth, respectively, in the U14 race; and Owen Platt and Luke Branson one-two in the U10 race. On the girls side, Hadley Platt and Tatum Grosdider were first and second in the U12 giant slalom; Riley Grosdidier was second in the U14 race; and Sasha McCourtie and Karah Grosdidier were first and second in the U10 race.

Stemilt Apple Cup
Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort
Men’s giant slalom

1. Owen Platt, U10, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:29.54
2. Aidan Catlin, U14, Loup Loup, 1:30.71
3. Stevan Abb, U14, White Pass, 1:31.82
Other Mission Ridge finishers
4. Charlie Jorgensen, U12, 1:33.00
5. Jack Mitchell, U14, 1:33.42
8. Jack Jorgensen, U14, 1:34.62
12. Ashton Fretwell, U12, 1:38.34
13. Tyler Ogle, U12, 1:38.35
14. Luke Branson, U10, 1:38.41
21. Jacob Kolk, U12, 1:39.98
25. Ryland Ogle, U14, 1:41.98
33. Connor Morgan, U14, 1:44.15
39. Nick Pickel, U12, 1:45.99
44. William Kolk, U10, 1:47.81
46. Jax Mathison, U10, 1:48.21
48. Lars Sorom, U12, 1:48.55
53. Reagan Masuda, U10, 1:49.86
55. Teo Bergsma, U10, 1:51.85
59. Andrew Townsend, U12, 1:53.86
61. Jack Fluegge, U10, 1:54.18
64. Erik Morgan, U14, 1:55.92
66. Theron Sorom, U10, 1:56.13
70. Boden Sorom, U10, 1:59.09
74. Ben Fluegge, U14, 2:00.92
76. Drew Sherwood, U10, 2:02.13
78. George Neff, U12, 2:03.58
82. Luke Fluegge, U10, 2:05.73

U14 Division
1. Aidan Catlin, Loup Loup, 1:30.71
2. Stevan Abb, White Pass, 1:31.82
3. Jack Mitchell, MRST, 1:33.42
5. Jack Jorgensen,MRST, 1:34.62
10. Ryland Ogle, MRST, 1:41.98
11. Connor Morgan, MRST, 1:44.15
14. Erik Morgan, MRST, 1:55.92
15. Ben Fluegge, MRST, 2:00.92

U12 Division
1. Charlie Jorgensen, MRST, 1:33.00
2. Oliver Loeser, Crystal Mountain, 1:33.72
3. Ethan Friedman, Stevens Pass, 1:34.69
5. Ashton Fretwell, MRST, 1:38.34
6. Tyler Ogle, MRST, 1:38.35
10. Jacob Kolk, MRST, 1:39.98
23. Nick Pickel, MRST, 1:45.99
28. Lars Sorom, MRST, 1:48.55
31. Andrew Townsend, MRST, 1:53.86
37. George Neff, MRST, 2:03.58

U10 Division
1. Owen Platt, MRST, 1:29.54
2. Luke Branson, MRST, 1:38.41
3. Cadin Billstin, Alpental Snoqualmie, 1:40.43
8. William Kolk, MRST, 1:47.81
9. Jax Mathison, MRST, 1:48.21
12. Reagan Masuda, MRST, 1:49.86
13. Teo Bergsma, MRST, 1:51.85
17. Jack Fluegge, MRST, 1:54.18
18. Theron Sorom, MRST, 1:56.13
22. Boden Sorom, MRST, 1:59.09
24. Drew Sherwood, MRST, 2:02.13
28. Luke Fluegge, MRST, 2:05.73

Women’s giant slalom

1. Taylor Watkins, U14, White Pass, 1:30.08
2. Hadley Platt, U12, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:30.34
3. Tatum Grosdider, U12, MRST, 1:30.50
Other Mission Ridge finishers
4. Riley Grosdidier, U14, MRST, 1:30.56
10. Annika Jarmin, U14, 1:34.29
16. Sasha McCourtie, U10, 1:37.81
20. Karah Grosdidier, U10, 1:39.40
22. Zoey Whiting, U12, 1:39.65
30. Kirsten Jarmin, U12, 1:44.72
33. Hannah Barnett, U12, 1:46.12
44. Charlotte Osgood, U14, 1:49.72
48. Kate Grey, U12, 1:50.95
57. Jayna Davis, U10, 1:56.64
61. Clairese Synder, U10, 1:59.22
63. Eva Phillippi, U10, 2:02.35
65. Tove Morgan, U10, 2:03.97
68. Anna Parker, U10, 2:08.26
70. Teagan Collier, U10, 2:12.84
75. Danielle Peterson, U10, 2:44.80

U14 Division
1. Taylor Watkins, White Pass, 1:30.08
2. Riley Grosdidier, MRST, 1:30.56
3. Taylor Richards, Alpental Snoqualmie, 1:30.85
6. Annika Jarmin, MRST, 1:34.29
15. Charlotte Osgood, MRST, 1:49.72

U12 Division
1. Hadley Platt, MRST, 1:30.34
2. Tatum Grosdider, MRST, 1:30.50
3. Campbell Butzlaff, Stevens Pass, 1:34.10
8. Zoey Whiting, MRST, 1:39.65
14. Kirsten Jarmin, MRST, 1:44.72
16. Hannah Barnett, MRST, 1:46.12
25. Kate Grey, MRST, 1:50.95

U10 Division

1. Zoe Paek, Alpental Snoqualmie, 1:34.44
2. Sasha McCourtie, MRST, 1:37.81
3. Karah Grosdidier, MRST, 1:39.40
12. Jayna Davis, MRST, 1:56.64
14. Clairese Synder, MRST, 1:59.22
15. Eva Phillippi, MRST, 2:02.35
17. Tove Morgan, MRST, 2:03.97
19. Anna Parker, MRST, 2:08.26
20. Teagan Collier, MRST, 2:12.84
25. Danielle Peterson, MRST, 2:44.80

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Platt blazes a trail as Apple Cup begins

WENATCHEE — Owen Platt is setting quite the example.

The Mission Ridge Ski Team athlete, who races in the U10 (10 years and under) Division, captured Saturday’s Stemilt Apple Cup giant slalom race, defeating older athletes in the process.

Platt completed his two runs in a combined time of 1 minute, 33.56 seconds. Finishing runner-up was teammate Lars Sorom, U12 Division, in 1:35.21. Third was Mission Ridge’s Jack Mitchell, U14 Division, with a time of 1:35.49.

In the ladies Apple Cup giant slalom, Mission Ridge’s Riley Grosdidier, a U14 athlete, won the race in 1:33.01. She was followed by Taylor Watkins, U14, of White Pass, in 1:33.07, and Taylor Richards, U14, of Alpental-Snoqualmie, in 1:33.14.

Apple Cup racing continues Sunday at the Ridge.

Other division winners and top MRST performanes on Saturday included:

Men U14 — MRST’s Jack Mitchell took the top spot.

Men U12 — MRST’s Lars Sorom was first and teammate Charlie Jorgensen was second.

Men U10 — Platt took first, followed by teammate Luke Branson in second.

Women U14 — Mission Ridge’s Riley Grosdidier was first.

Women U12 — MRST’s Eloise Bolles was first and teammate Hadley Platt was runner-up.

Women U10 — MRST’s Sasha McCourtie was first and MRST’s Karah Grosdidier was third.

Stemilt Apple Cup
Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort
Men’s giant slalom

1. Owen Platt, U10, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:33.56
2. Lars Sorom, U12, MRST, 1:35.21
3. Jack Mitchell, U14, MRST, 1:35.49
Other Mission Ridge finishers
6. Charlie Jorgensen, U12, 1:37.28
13. Luke Branson, U10, 1:40.32
15. Tyler Ogle, U12, 1:40.58
23. Jacob Kolk, U12, 1:45.39
26. Ryland Ogle, U14, 1:45.66
32. Connor Morgan, U14, 1:47.66
34. Reagan Masuda, U10, 1:48.95
38. Gunnar Peterson, U12, 1:49.82
47. Jax Mathison, U10, 1:53.07
51. William Kolk, U10, 1:54.71
54. Andrew Townsend, U12, 1:56.10
63. Erik Morgan, U14, 2:01.13
67. Drew Sherwood, U10, 2:03.47
69. Jack Fluegge, U10, 2:03.73
70. Boden Sorom, U10, 2:04.40
73. Ben Fluegge, U14, 2:07.44
74. George Neff, U12, 2:08.06
75. Theron Sorom, U10, 2:08.66
79. Caleb Montoya, U10, 2:13.85
82. Luke Fluegge, U10, 2:17.16
83. Taggart Rolfs, U10, 2:17.71
84. Parker Brizendine, U10, 2:19.39
87. Finnegan Batjer, U10, 2:24.87
90. Tyler Steinburg, U10, 2:53.00
92. Ryan Kastner, U10, 3:34.07

U14 Division
1. Jack Mitchell, MRST, 1:35.49
2. Stevan Abb, White Pass, 1:35.63
3. Aidan Catlin, LLRT, 1:36.06
9. Ryland Ogle, MRST, 1:45.66
12. Connor Morgan, MRST, 1:47.66
15. Erik Morgan, MRST, 2:01.13
16. Ben Fluegge, MRST, 2:07.44

U12 Division
1. Lars Sorom, MRST, 1:35.21
2. Charlie Jorgensen, MRST, 1:37.28
3. Zac Holton, Stevens Pass, 1:35.49
6. Tyler Ogle, MRST, 1:40.58
12. Jacob Kolk, MRST, 1:45.39
21. Gunnar Peterson, MRST, 1:49.82
29. Andrew Townsend, MRST, 1:56.10
36. George Neff, MRST, 2:08.06

U10 Division
1. Owen Platt, MRST, 1:33.56
2. Luke Branson, MRST, 1:40.32
3. Cadin Billstin, Alpental Snoqualmie, 1:44.02
5. Reagan Masuda, MRST, 1:48.95
9. Jax Mathison, MRST, 1:53.07
11. William Kolk, MRST, 1:54.71
20. Drew Sherwood, MRST, 2:03.47
21. Jack Fluegge, MRST, 2:03.73
22. Boden Sorom, MRST, 2:04.40
23. Theron Sorom, MRST, 2:08.66
25. Caleb Montoya, MRST, 2:13.85
28. Luke Fluegge, MRST, 2:17.16
29. Taggart Rolfs, MRST, 2:17.71
30. Parker Brizendine, MRST, 2:19.39
32. Finnegan Batjer, MRST, 2:24.87
34. Tyler Steinburg, MRST, 2:53.00
36. Ryan Kastner, MRST, 3:34.07

Women’s giant slalom

1. Riley Grosdidier, U14, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:33.01
2. Taylor Watkins, U14, White Pass, 1:33.07
3. Taylor Richards, U14, Alpental-Snoqualmie, 1:33.14
Other Mission Ridge finishers
4. Eloise Bolles, U12, 1:34.01
5. Hadley Platt, U12, 1:34.69
6. Annika Jarmin, U14, 1:36.40
9. Sasha McCourtie, U10, 1:39.56
20. Karah Grosdidier, U10, 1:42.43
24. Zoey Whiting, U12, 1:43.70
29. Charlotte Osgood, U14, 1:46.55
30. Kirsten Jarmin, U12, 1:47.54
32. Freya Rolfs, U12, 1:48.37
36. Hannah Barnett, U12, 1:51.24
49. Kate Grey, U12, 1:57.48
57. Jayna Davis, U10, 2:01.88
58. Clairese Synder, U10, 2:02.26
62. Tove Morgan, U10, 2:08.02
66. Eva Phillippi, U10, 2:11.29
69. Teagan Collier, U10, 2:17.86
71. Anna Parker, U10, 2:19.89
74. Danielle Peterson, U10, 2:58.81

U14 Division
1. Riley Grosdidier, MRST, 1:33.01
2. Taylor Watkins, White Pass, 1:33.07
3. Taylor Richards, Alpental-Snoqualmie, 1:33.14
4. Annika Jarmin, MRST, 1:36.40
14. Charlotte Osgood, MRST, 1:46.55

U12 Division
1. Eloise Bolles, MRST, 1:34.01
2. Hadley Platt, MRST, 1:34.69
3. Campbell Butzlaff, Stevens Pass, 1:40.54
9. Zoey Whiting, MRST, 1:43.70
13. Kirsten Jarmin, MRST, 1:47.54
15. Freya Rolfs, MRST, 1:48.37
18. Hannah Barnett, MRST, 1:51.24
27. Kate Grey, MRST, 1:57.48

U10 Division
1. Sasha McCourtie, MRST, 1:39.56
2. Zoe Paek, Alpental Snoqualmie, 1:40.52
3. Karah Grosdidier, MRST, 1:42.43
10. Jayna Davis, MRST, 2:01.88
11. Clairese Synder, MRST, 2:02.26
14. Tove Morgan, MRST, 2:08.02
18. Eva Phillippi, MRST, 2:11.29
19. Teagan Collier, MRST, 2:17.86
21. Anna Parker, MRST, 2:19.89
24. Danielle Peterson, MRST, 2:58.81

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MRST’s Blanchard second in U-16 race

MOUNT SPOKANE — Mission Ridge’s Leah Blanchard took second Monday in the women’s slalom at the Pacific Northwest Ski Association’s U-16 qualifier here at Mount Spokane.

Crystal Mountain’s Katie Holm, who swept all three women’s races over the holiday weekend, finished first in 1 minute, 34.91 seconds. Blanchard was runner-up in 1:38.29 and Schweitzer Mountain’s Savannah Jurgensen was third in 1:38.50.

Blanchard’s showing was the top finish for the Mission Ridge Ski Team during the three-day event.

Other top-20 finishes for MRST including Hailley Jones placing seventh in Saturday’s women’s giant slalom, and Jackson Bolles coming in 19th place in Sunday’s men’s slalom.

PNSA U-16 Championship Qualifier
Mount Spokane
Women’s slalom

1. Katie Holm, Crystal Mountain, 1:34.91
2. Leah Blanchard, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:38.29
3. Savannah Jurgensen, Schweitzer, 1:38.50
37. Haille Johnson, MRST, 1:59.90
39. Jacqueline Pickel, MRST, 2:02.56

Men’s slalom
1. Jack Smith, Mount Bachelor, 1:28.32
2. Tyler Larson, Stevens Pass, 1:29.76
3. Kristopher Westman, Stevens Pass, 1:30.48
19. Jackson Bolles, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:39.75
32. Oliver Day, MRST, 1:52.86

Women’s slalom

1. Katie Holm, Crystal Mountain, 1:27.03
2. Savannah Jurgensen, Schweitzer, 1:29.75
3. Madeline Lafreniere, Crystal Mountain, 1:31.50

Men’s slalom
1. Jonathan Wimberly, Mount Bachelor, 1:29.28
2. Tyler Larson, Stevens Pass, 1:29.90
3. Will Frohlich, Crystal Mountain, 1:30.42
22. Jackson Bolles, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:40.19

Women’s giant slalom

1. Katie Holm, Crystal Mountain, 2:07.30
2. Emma Ireton, Alpental-Snoqualmie, 2:08.70
3. Samantha Woodring Otterholt, Multnomah Athletic Club, 2:08.99
7. Hailley Jones, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:12.65
42. Jacqueline Pickel, MRST, 2:41.86

Men’s giant slalom
1. Jonathan Wimberly, Mount Bachelor, 2:06.08
2. Jack Smith, Mount Bachelor, 2:06.72
3. Tyler Larson, Stevens Pass, 2:09.35
35. Emerson Busse, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 3:11.50

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MRST continues hot early season start

LUTSEN MOUNTAIN, Minn. — Mission Ridge’s Hannah Bodily and Brian Davidson continued their hot starts to the season by capturing FIS races at Lutsen Mountain on Friday.

Bodily took both women’s giant slalom races and Davidson one of the two men’s giant slaloms. Davidson was runner-up in the other giant slalom.

Other top 20 finishes for the Mission Ridge Ski Team on Friday included Sylvia Coston (5th and 11th) and Preston Nelson (14th).

Following Friday’s events, MRST headed to Spirit Mountain, Minn., for more FIS races on Sunday and Saturday.

Davidson paced MRST with fourth- and fifth-place finishes in a pair of slaloms over the weekend, while Bodily was eighth in Saturday’s slalom.

Racing wraps up Monday at Spirit Mountain with a men’s slalom and women’s slalom scheduled.

Spirit Mountain, Minn., FIS Races
Sunday, Jan. 10
Men’s slalom

1. Louis Muhlen, Austria, 1:35.82
2. Tommy Anderson, USA, 1:36.15
3. Jack Post, USA, 1:36.57
4. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:37.14
14. Preston Nelson, MRST, 1:39.59
17. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 1:39.90
32. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:44.18

Women’s slalom
1. Madeleine Dekko, USA, 1:26.58
2. Megan Danelski, USA, 1:27.34
2. Juliana Damberg, USA, 1:27.56
14. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:29.24
17. Sylvia Coston, MRST, 1:30.78

Spirit Mountain, Minn., FIS Races
Saturday, Jan. 9
Men’s slalom

1. Northrop Johnston, Canada, 1:44.61
2. Tommy Anderson, USA, 1:44.63
3. Louis Muhlen, Austria, 1:45.04
5. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:45.88
14. Preston Nelson, MRST, 1:49.55
16. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 1:50.04
39. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:53.96

Women’s slalom
1. Madeleine Dekko, USA, 1:26.50
2. Alex Gencheff, USA, 1:27.71
3. Rosie Hunt, USA, 1:28.41
8. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:29.97
22. Sylvia Coston, MRST, 1:32.92

Lutsen Mountain, Minn., FIS Tech Mid-Am
Friday, Jan. 8
Women’s slalom overall No. 1

1. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:05.94
2. Rosie Hust, USA, 2:07.02
3. Juliana Damberg, 2:08.04
11. Sylvia Coston, MRST, 2:10.47

Women’s slalom overall No. 2
1. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:05.99

2. Kaitlyn Vesterstein, USA, 2:06.42
3. Juliana Damberg, 2:07.77
5. Sylvia Coston, MRST, 2:08.04

Men’s giant slalom No. 1
1. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:01.59

2. Elliott Boman, USA, 2:02.69
3. Jack Lindsay, USA, 2:02.82
5. Max Tobler, USA, 2:03.31
11. Preston Nelson, MRST, 2:04.50
27. Cade Quigley, MRST, 2:07.00
28. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 2:07.29
32. Jeffrey Webb, MRST, 2:09.10
33. Trevor Trimble, MRST, 209.32

Men’s giant slalom No. 2

1. Lane Tristan, USA, 1:59.04
2. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 2:01.20
3. Elliott Boman, USA, 2:02.14
7. Max Tobler, USA, 2:04.18
24. Cade Quigley, MRST, 2:06.21
27. Preston Nelson, MRST, 2:06.48
30. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 2:07.68
34. Jeffrey Webb, MRST, 2:08.21

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Mission Ridge wins three of four NW Cup races

SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN, Idaho — Mission Ridge athletes claimed three of the four opening Northwest Cup ski races of the season over the weekend at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

Hannah Bodily captured women’s slaloms on both Sunday and Saturday, while teammate Brian Davidson won Saturday’s men’s slalom.

Other overall podium finishes for Mission Ridge included Sylvia Coston’s second-place showing on Sunday and Gunnar Lundteigen second-place on Sunday. Lundteigen also came in fifth in Saturday’s men’s race. Another Mission Ridge Ski Team athlete, Cade Quigley, was eighth in Saturday’s slalom.

MRST’S Leah Blanchard was third in the U16 classification (16 years and younger) in both Sunday’s and Saturday’s women’s slalom.

Northwest Cup
Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho
Sunday, Jan. 3
Women’s slalom overall
1. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:24.28
2. Sylvia Coston, MRST, 1:26.13
3. Halle Campbell, Schweitzer, 1:26.24
13. Leah Blanchard, MRST, 1:33.42
22. Haille Johnson, MRST, 1:36.31

Men’s slalom overall
1. Trevor Maxwell, Schweitzer, 1:25.83
2. Gunnar Lundteigen, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:26.83
3. Michael Estrella, Schweitzer, 1:27.80
4. Preston Nelson, MRST, 1:28.71
8. Brian Davidson, MRST, 1:31.99
18. Jeffrey Webb, MRST, 1:34.53

Saturday, Jan. 2
Women’s slalom overall
1. Hannah Bodily, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:32.45
2. Lili Bouchard, Mount Bachelor, 1:34.90
3. Amelia Henry, Alpental-Snoqualmie, 1:36.84
12. Leah Blanchard, MRST, 1:40.35

Men’s slalom overall
1. Brian Davidson, Mission Ridge Ski Team, 1:27.08
2. Trevor Maxwell, Schweitzer, 1:27.81
3. Tyler Ellis, Crystal Mountain, 1:28.76
5. Gunnar Lundteigen, MRST, 1:29.96
8. Cade Quigley, MRST, 1:31.81
12. Jeffrey Webb, MRST, 1:34.95
40. Jackson Boiles, MRST, 1:52.13

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