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MRSEF Refund Policy


Refunds are made at the sole discretion of the MRSEF Board of Directors. While consideration will be made to special or unique situations that arise, refunds for the following are specifically excluded from refund consideration:

  • Refund request due to in season injury.
  • Refund request resulting from an athlete dismissed from MRSEF by the Executive Director.
  • Fees owed MRSEF for athlete race related travels, lodging, coaching fees, are not eligible for refund.

In the case of an approved refund the following method of calculation shall apply:
A minimum of 1/3rd the stated program tuition fee signed up for by the athlete shall be considered not eligible for refund. By retaining this portion MRST ensures appropriate funding of our fixed cost for coaching staff who’s working with and on behalf of the athletes begins well before the athletes are on snow.

The remaining 2/3rds of the stated program tuition shall be eligible for refund based on the following method of calculation. The available tuition amount is to be divided by the total calendar days scheduled for the particular program to determine the effective daily rate. The refund will be determined by the number of program calendar days remaining in the season upon written notification to the MRSEF Board of Directors times the effective daily rate less a non-­‐refundable $75.00 administration and processing fee. Refund amounts are specific to tuition expenses only. Any amounts due MRSEF resulting from team travel, lodging, meals, camps, equipment, supplies, race registration, incremental coaching expense and such are not eligible for refund. In the case where an athlete may have an outstanding balance from the above mentioned items, any refund amount shall be applied to this balance prior to a refund being sent to the athlete. In the case where the tuition refund does not cover the outstanding non-­‐tuition balance, the athlete is responsible for timely payment of any outstanding balance. In as much stated MRSEF Accounts Receivable polices shall apply.

NOTE: Should instance arise where an athlete who has received grant or scholarship monies and the monies applied to MRSEF tuition, and where the athlete is dismissed from MRSEF by the Executive Director, that portion of the grant or scholarship used based on the athlete prior to dismissal shall be paid back to MRSEF. Request for refund based on amount of available terrain open at the Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort or other approved training venues shall not be considered unless conditions are such that ski area operations are no longer viable.

In the case where a family may have opted out of the volunteer commitment program and paid the stated volunteer fee in advance, only that portion of the fee that was supported via volunteering at listed events shall be refunded. For example if 2 of 5 race support days were attended prior to notification, 40% of the volunteer fee would be available for refund.

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